Implantable Contact (Collamer) Lens


Implantable Contact Lens

This revolutionary procedure involves a customised, removable lens implant that works with your natural eye to correct your vision without removing and re-shaping of your cornea. It gives high definition vision that is sharp, vivid and greater in depth and dimension.

The ICL, also known as Implantable Collamer® Lens Or Implantable Contact Lens corrects common vision issues like myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism.

It is an attractive and compelling alternative to LASIK/PRK/SMILE and other laser-based refractive procedures.

The ICL is a Swiss -made lens that has been around for more than 20 years, with European CE approval in 1998 and US FDA approval in 2005.

Over 1,000,000+ procedures have been completed around the world with a high satisfaction rate: 99.4% of patients would have the ICL procedure again


The ICL (Implantable Contact Lens ) Difference

No Dry Eye Syndrome

Evo Visian ICL is made of proprietary biocompatible Collamer, consisting of collagen, a naturally occurring tissue in the human body. This harmony with the natural chemistry of your eye while not reshaping and removing any cornea means the ICL procedure does not induce dry eye syndrome.

A Removable/ Reversible Option

A major advantage of the Evo Visian ICL is that the lens is added to your eye to improve your vision and can be removed if required.

Laser procedures permanently remove tissue from the eye that cannot be replaced making the changes permanent and irreversible. Choosing a procedure that permanently removes tissue and changes your eye may limit your options if you ever experience problems with your vision and stop you from experiencing new technologies.

Should you have a major prescription change or if there are newer vision correction options, the ICL is completely removable and replaceable, allowing you to make changes to keep pace with new technology and changing needs. As you age and develop cataract (opacity in your natural lens) you may be suitable for the premium multifocal intraocular lenses that corrects presbyopia (lao hua) as well. On the other hand, laser procedures remove and reshape the cornea, and these cornea changes may make multifocal intraocular lenses unsuitable for you in future.

Quick Procedure & Recovery

The ICL procedure does not remove and thin down your cornea like laser procedures do. There is thus no change in the natural tensile strength of the cornea and presumably would be safer for people doing contact sports. With any laser procedure, especially for higher corrections there is always the risk, albeit remote, of cornea weakening or ectasia.

Excellent Night Vision

Many patients with ICL have very good night vision. The risk and occurrence of glare and haloes is less because the cornea is not affected in the ICL procedures

Great for Thin or Irregular Corneas, Keratoconus

The ICL can provide a safe and effective option for those who are not suitable for any laser procedure

Great for High Degrees of Short-Sightedness

The ICL can correct myopia of up to -20.00D, astigmatism of up to -6.00D, levels that laser procedures cannot safely correct

Protection from UV Rays

The Collamer material has unique UV blocking properties that shield your eyes form harmful UV rays


  • You want clear vision, free from glasses or contact lenses
  • You want a reversible procedure
  • You are highly, or even extremely short-sighted
  • You have high astigmatism
  • Your cornea is too thin for LASIK or PRK to be done safely
  • You have an abnormally shaped cornea (keratoconus) and you cannot have any laser procedure
  • You do not want your cornea to be irreversibly removed, thinned or re-shaped
Then ICL may be the answer for you!


The ICL Procedure

THE ICL procedure in 3 steps
  1. After some numbing drops are placed in your eye, a tiny 3mm incision is made where the white meets with the coloured part of your eye
  2. The ICL which has been rolled up is inserted in your eye
  3. The ICL slowly unrolls within the eye and is then placed behind the pupil
  4. The procedure is painless and quick (5-10mins an eye) with almost immediate improvement of vision

Comparison of ICL With Laser Procedures

Vision Quality
Visian ICL Lasik PRK
Sharp and Clear Vision Yes¹ Yes Yes
Patient Experience
Visian ICL Lasik PRK
20-30 Minute Outpatient Procedure Yes Yes Yes
Removes Corneal Tissue No Yes Yes
Contributes to “Dry Eye” No, does not induce dry eye syndrome² Occasional, up to 20% can experience dry eye³ Occasional⁴
Safety Features
Visian ICL Lasik PRK
Removable or Reversible Yes, removable No, Not Reversible No, Not Reversible
Flexibility for Future Procedures Yes, removable Limited if additional treatments involve the cornea Limited if additional treatments involve the cornea
Treats thin corneas Yes⁵ Limited Limited
UV Protection Yes No No
Biocompatible Lens Yes NA; laser based NA; laser based
Long Term History Yes Yes Yes

The ICL - Know Your Options